O. Henry’s Christmas Carol

This family-friendly musical combines several different O. Henry stories, some famous and some not, into a fast-paced depiction of life at holiday time in New York City ca. 1905. William Sydney Porter is late, as usual, with his Sunday story for the “World” newspaper. What and who shall he write about this time?

A courier from the “World” finds Porter drinking with friends in a saloon, and pressures him to start writing.
Characters : Full Company

1 – Christmas in New York

It’s Jim and Della’s first Christmas together, but he’s depressed because he can’t buy her the expensive presents she deserves. Della, however, doesn’t feel deprived.

Character : Della

2 – Good Enough for Me

Soapy gets along OK living on the street – except when it’s cold. Then he has to make plans for winter housing.
Character : Soapy

3 – They Need Me

The millionaire Pilkins loves high-born Alice, but her awareness of unfair class distinctions causes her to be standoffish. Pilkins persuades the Courier to act as go-between while he attempts to impress her.
Characters: Pilkins, Courier, Alice

4 – Tell the Lady

Rosalie entertains at a saloon frequented by rowdy men, whose tastes she appreciates all too well.
Character: Rosalie

5 – You Men are Alike

Alice muses on the privileges of wealth, Jim feels frustrated by his limited gift options, Della has a plan to get enough money for Christmas, while Soapy, Rosalie, and Pilkins have their own agendas.
Characters: Alice, Jim, Della, Wigmaker, Soapy, Rosalie, Pilkins

6 – So Many Lights

Three men from different social classes find good reason to envy someone else.
Characters : Jim, Soapy, Pilkins

7 – Got it Made

Porter amuses a group of schoolchildren by showing them that what is truly “smart” isn’t always obvious.
Characters: Porter, Children

8 – That Wasn’t Very Smart

The children sing their special song for the citizens of New York.
Characters: Children

9 – When it’s Christmas