Angry Birdsong


MS. HUFSTEDLER Soprano – Business-like, quick, friendly, but definite

DULCINE Soprano – Shy, reasonable, but susceptible to manipulation

MISS TORO Soprano – A tigress

Piano accompaniment

Cast on recording:
Ms. Hufstedler: Joanne Lessner
Dulcine: Amy Justman

Premiere: June 2013, Harrower Opera Workshop, Atlanta, Georgia; Dwight Coleman, director

Every time I hear a pop singer belt out yet another power ballad, or watch a politician ratchet up the emotional content of a speech, or listen to a commentator speak in apocalyptic terms about everyday matters, I wonder, “Does everything in life require a high decibel level? Is nothing perceived as genuine unless it’s shouted at you? Maybe there’s an opera in that.”

Length: 14 minutes

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Dulcine keeps an appointment at “Made to Persuade”, a firm created to coach people on public speaking techniques, and headed by Ms. Hufstedler. Dulcine is about to present a paper at an agricultural convention; Ms. H. tries to show her how to make the most telling effect.

Excerpt – Angry Birdsong