Test Tube


Time: early 1990’s, before the advent of online dating websites. Kevin shops for a date at Felice’s video dating service, then imagines what the dates would really be like. Parts of the opera are pre-recorded on video, which first alternates, then coordinates,  with live action. Darlene, Jennifer, and Becky first appear in their test videos, then “come to life “ to interact with Kevin onstage.

Length: 42 minutes

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After Kevin rejects the first video (Darlene) Felice offers Jennifer, but Kevin is hard to please – or maybe he has too much imagination.

Performed by the Samford Operaworks


KEVIN Baritone – Thirtyish, impatient, unsentimental, but knows how to put on a good front.

FELICE Soprano – Mid-twenties to mid-thirties. No doubt she started the business because she was a “romantic at heart”, but has since learned discouraging facts about human nature.

DARLENE  Soprano – Early twenties, classically insecure, very sweet and charming, but needs to find herself – quick.

JENNIFER Soprano – Early to mid-twenties. She wants to be sure you know that she doesn’t put on airs. She’s probably dated all she wants of sports nuts and New Republicans.

BECKY Soprano – Late twenties to mid-thirties. She doesn’t expect to find a “perfect man” who fulfills all her needs. She is therefore easy to please but impossible to dominate.

Piano only or orchestration: Flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, percussion, piano, strings

On the videotaped portions the accompaniment can be acoustic piano or a variety of keyboard sounds at the conductor’s discretion