Peter Rabbit and the Garden of Doom

rabbitWinner, 2012 Actors Playhouse Children’s Theater Competition

A one-hour musical for school-age children, K-6, but with sardonic humor and good advice that parents will appreciate. Based on characters created by Beatrix Potter.

1 - I Love Vegetables
Peter Rabbit meets secretly to trade with Benjamin Bunny. Peter gives Benjamin the sweets that his mother bakes, while Benjamin gives Peter vegetables, which, according to Benjamin, can only be found in a very dangerous place, to be entered “at the risk of your life!”
Character : Peter
2 - Very Strange RabbitBack at home, Peter’s sisters don’t understand why he doesn’t like pie, cake, and ice cream like they do. Characters : Flopsy, Mopsy Cottontail

3 - This Isn't a Plan
Peter decides to take action.
Character : Peter
4 - Keep Out of The Garden
He runs away from home to search for the source of the vegetables. When Mother and the sisters discover that Peter is gone, the sisters want to search for him. Mother agrees, with one stipulation.
Character: Mother Rabbit
5 - Finer Things
As he searches through the woods, Peter meets Jemima Puddle-Duck, who has her own opinions about Peter’s search for suitable food.
Characters: Jemima Puddle-Duck, Peter
6 - One Thing Led to AnotherPeter encounters Squirrel Nutkin who is expecting to meet a rabbit – but not Peter. They share stories.
Characters: Peter, Squirrel Nutkin

7 - Somebody Has to Be Smart
Benjamin is about to enter Farmer MacGregor’s garden to steal more vegetables for Peter.
Character : Benjamin Bunny
8 - Today
Everyone has followed Peter to MacGregor’s garden, where they are scared away by MacGregor’s voice – and shotgun! They run back home, where Mother offers a more productive way to get what they want.
Characters: Mother Rabbit, Full Company
PETER: Michael Marcotte
FLOPSY: Joanne Lessner
MOPSY: Niffer Clarke
JEMIMA PUDDLE-DUCK: Michelle Jennings
BENJAMIN: Chris Weikel
Steven Millhouse, bass
David Ratajczak, drums
Milton Granger, piano

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