The following have presented one or more chamber operas by Milton Granger:

Arkansas State University; Julia Lansford, director
Ball State University; Joan Metelli, director
BASOTI Opera Festival; Ross Halper, director
Brigham Young University; Arden Hopkin, director
Bucknell Opera Company; Catherine Payn, director
California State University at Hayward; Richard Mercier, director
Capitol City Opera; Donna Angel, director
Columbia College; Sidney Palmer, director
Converse College; Ron Boudreaux, director
Daytona State College; Douglas Peterson, department head
Florida State University; Gayle Seaton, department head
George Mason Universtiy; Laura Mann, director
Georgia State University; Dwight Coleman and David Grabarkewitz, directors
Humboldt State University; Elisabeth Harrington, director
Lawrence University, Copeland Woodruff, director
Lee University; James Frost, director
Little Opera Company (Winnipeg), Spencer Duncanson, director
Lone Star Opera Company, Kelly Estes, director
Manhattan School of Music; Dona Vaughn, director
Meredith College; Ellen Williams, director
Microscopic Opera Company (Pittsburgh), Andres Cladera, artistic director
Northern Kentucky University; Eric DeForest, director
Northwestern University; Sheila Saperstein, director
Oberlin Conservatory; Sally Stunkel, director
Ohio Wesleyan University; Jason Hiester, director
Oklahoma City University: Cory Bradley, director
Opera Collective; Carla Wesby, artistic director
Opera Dinamica, Trinity Laban Conservatoire (London), Emma Lewis, director
Opera Steamboat, Andres Cladera, artistic director
Opera Roanoke; Craig Fields, director

Operafive (Toronto), Rachel Krehm, artistic director
Peabody Conservatory; Roger Brunyate, director
Penn State Opera Theater; Susan Boardman, director
Radford University; Clarity James, director
Roosevelt University, Scott Gilmore, director
Samford Operaworks; William Bugg, director
Southern Illinois Universtiy at Carbondale; Timothy Fink, director
Southern Louisiana University; Scharmal Schrock, director
Southern Utah University; Carol Ann Modesitt, director
Southwest Virginia Opera Society; Milton Granger, director
Stetson University: Craig Maddox, director
Syracuse University; Jo Elyn Wakefield-Wright, director
Texas Christian University; Richard Estes, director
Union University; Mike Penny, director
University of Iowa; LeAnne Foust, director
University of Louisville; Randall Holden, director
University of Maryland Baltimore County, Joe Regan, director
University of Mississippi; Dwight Coleman, director
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Terry Rhodes, director
University of North Carolina at Greensboro; David Holley, director
West Chester University, Emily Bullock, director
West Texas A&M University; Robert Hansen, director
University of Windsor; Steven Henrikson, director
West Virginia University, Robert Thieme, director
Wichita State University; Marie Allyn King, director