Bluebeard’s Waiting Room


Bluebeard is languishing (offstage) in the ICU ward of a modern hospital. His next of kin has been notified, and so five of his wives show up, straight out of an earlier era, with costumes, attitudes, and life histories to match. He awakens just long enough to ask for his wife. Which one does he mean? The answer surprises everyone, including the nursing staff.

Length: 50 minutes

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All five wives have gathered, and all have been asked to sign a consent form so that Bluebeard can have an operation. They find it hard to agree about anything regarding Bluebeard, when each of them sees him so differently.

Performed by the Georgia State University Opera Workshop


RN (Registered Nurse) Mezzo – No nonsense, authoritative, sympathetic but unsentimental.

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Soprano – Younger than RN, emotional, unsure of herself, big-hearted but also easily confused

MIRETTE High Soprano – Very romantic and fluttery, frequently bursting into passionate avowals of love

SUZETTE Mezzo – Cynical and sarcastic, without illusions and with a barely suppressed desire for revenge

LUCIETTE Soprano – Fun-loving, earthy, always a little inebriated, sexually adventurous

FANETTE Soprano – Unemotional, poised, but without depth of feeling, accustomed to being served

CLAUDETTE Soprano (or Mezzo) – Straightforward, warm, rational, with a good sense of humor about herself

DOCTOR (non-singing) – Enters and exits, shouts “Clear!” four times from offstage

Piano only or orchestration: oboe, clarinet, horn, keyboard, violin, cello, bass